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This is where I start blogging...

Guide to Humanness

Global Warming? Plant a Tree

When To Vote

How To Make A Decision

On New Life

On Dieting

On Gardening and more!

Guide to Humanness

Everyone on the planet is here to learn, grow, and become the best human being they can. IF you strive to please others, you will loose out because they don't know what you can do. It is up to you to find out what are your talents, and what are your limitations. It is up to you to experience a life that will take you on a wonderful and awesome and amazing journey. Many paths can take you where you want to go. Either directly or in a labyrinth type manner. It is up to you. Be master of your mind, captain of your ship, and a wonderful warrior, making the best of every situation.

Take stock of your inventory. What are your priorities, what are you thinking about these days. What goals are in mind. What do you need to do to be where you want to be. Is your life your own. If you share your life, does your partner understand you, your wants, your needs. Do you understand your partner's needs, wants and desires?

Do you give to yourself, to others in balance? Do you learn something new everyday? Do you find it easy to work with others towards a common goal? Do you accept and respect others?

There are people who will complain and blame rather than solve the problems at hand. A true warrior uses his or her will, the tools available, and proper understanding of the problem in order to solve it. Don't wait for someone else to change or get out of the way...go ahead and take the steps you need to take to make it go right.

to be continued

Planting a Tree is Cool

Planting trees is a good way to reduce pollution, increase oxygen, and protect from global warming. It is also a good way to add beauty to your property or neighborhood. You can reduce utility bills, too, by as much as 10%.

Spring is a good time to plant trees all across the USA, as soon as the last frost has left.

Plant large trees if you have enough space for them to grow wide and well, but if you have only a little space, plant a small tree or bush. Every bit helps when we all plant as many trees, shrubs, or bushes as we can.

Go to your local nursery, and ask which trees in your area do well, grow fast, and don't die out due to disease. Plant strong, healthy trees that will last 50-100 years. Get instructions on how to care for your new trees and follow them closely.

If you are not able to get out and plant, for a fee your nursery man or woman can do it for you.

Please be sure to check with your utility company for safe digging locations so you don't hit a gas or electric line when planting your tree.

Please pass this message on

For specific info on planting and care, see;

When To Vote

While it is all the rage to get people to vote, I say don't vote. Don't vote if you don't know who you are voting for, if you don't understand the issues at hand, if you don't know what is important, if you are voting one way because some one you know or love is telling you how to vote.

Only vote if you know the issues and the fellow or woman you are voting for. Look at their voting history if they are incumbents, and look at their past lives if they are new to the political game.

Don't vote the party your parents voted for, because that party is not the same party any more. Many changes have occurred and there are even different factions within each party now. So do your duty and learn how to be a well informed citizen. Read a few different newspapers over a year or more before you go anywhere near that voting booth. Go to the library and get the papers or books that can help you become a well informed citizen. A badly researched vote is worse than no vote. Think about it. Please.

Remember, some one voted for that scoundrel you didn't like last year and the year before that. Maybe those voters were uninformed.

Please don't be one of them, even if you don't agree with any of my other political beliefs.

How To Make an Important Decision

First, realize that there is Always more than one important thing to consider. There are at least two sides to Every story and each side is as important as the other.

It is very good at this point to make a list of pros and cons for the issue. Many times we find there are an equal number on both sides. This is the nature of living. Good things and bad things can come of our decisions and actions. At some point we realize that all is life and life is complicated. Try to keep it simple and you'll be less inclined to err.

Secondly, make sure you have heard the other viewpoints to the issue. Ask an elder, a professor, and a good friend who has gained your respect and who knows about the issue from experience.

Thirdly, don't make any decisions in haste or out of pure emotions. Heart, head, and spirit must all go together. If one is missing, something is wrong.

Fourthly, ask yourself, is this the right way to choose before making your final decision.

Fifthly, know that you can always withdraw and change your mind when new information becomes available. Don't stick to your guns just because you made a decision and refuse to change.

Sixthly, if you have made the right decision, and feel good about it, then by all means stay with that until you have been proven wrong.

And, finally, sometimes if we wait long enough, an issue will resolve itself. No action need be taken by us. The resolution might take place almost immediately, or it might take years. It is up to you, armed with information and several viewpoints to decide when to take action and when to let it ride on the wings of fate. Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

On Abortion

As for elective abortion, please honor your right to choose by carefully choosing whom and where and when and why you want to make babies before you get pregnant, not after you get pregnant. Don't take erasing your mistakes lightly. Some errors don't magically disappear without having consequences such as despair, grief and sorrow for having killed off an extension of your self, a beautiful baby.

On behalf of the most innocent and vulnerable amongst us, thanks for listening.

On Dieting

I think about gaining weight like this:

First of all, weight sneaks up on us. If we think about it, gaining weight is all about the calorie numbers. One cracker or piece of candy might equal 20 calories. If we eat 5 crackers or candies per day, that's 100 calories. Not so bad, right? Wrong. One hundred calories per day, every day for one month equals 3,000 calories. One pound of weight is brought on by 3,000 calories. Take 1 pound per month for 1 year and you have 12 pounds of extra weight, provided your activity remains the same.

Now, take that 12 pounds we gained over 1 year and multiply that by 5 years. Now, that's makes 60 pounds of extra weight! Remember, this is just from 5 pieces of candy or 5 crackers a day.

How do I get that weight off? Well, my activity is reduced by the fact that I have COPD. So, I have to work smart. The easiest way to get the weight off is not to think about it all day with every meal. Think about it at one meal per day, or one type of food to eliminate.

Here are the two methods I use:

1. For me, I choose to eat one half of what I would usually eat at dinner. If I eat two pieces of chicken, I eat one. If I eat 20 ravioli, I eat 10 and enjoy those 10 immensely. No talk of money and world problems at dinner. Concentrate on enjoying your food. Give the dog a half piece of ravioli, and you get even more ahead. Dinner is a good meal to cut back on because I don't do much after dinner and won't miss the calories. I have hot chocolate every night so I can get my milk intake, which is also a booster to weight loss, and this carries me through to the morning. I eat a decent low cal healthy breakfast of fruit or cereal or wheat free waffles with jam. Lunch is a sandwich or leftover dinner from the night before.

2. The other method I use is to cut all bread out completely or cut it in half. Half sandwich at lunch, no bread at dinner, no toast. Eat a banana or make some fresh apple sauce instead.

The only way to loose weight is to eat less and move around more. You don't have to "exercise". What I do is go to the big stores and walk around for an hour, slowly, enjoying my time, looking at stuff. I do that two or three times a week when I am trying to loose weight...otherwise I go once a I basically double my moving around routines.

Because of my limited ability to move around, I do work out on the floor a few times a week. I do 140 leg lifts, and several arm lift exercises, and 50 sit ups. I do them until I get a little tiny bit sore. No pain, no gain, remember. It is important to build muscle because muscle burns up calories more that fat does and it is great to have that extra strength when you are doing chores.

I also spend 30 minutes per week on my exercycle. I don't go very fast, but the movement is great for my weight control, heart and mental outlook.

Hope that gives you all some good ideas.



I have worked with flowers and gardens since I was a young child. As a young adult, I worked in a lovely landscape garden and also provided brides with their wedding flowers when they married in the garden. I have gardened south and north and in between. There is nothing like tending and watching a garden grow throughout life. Even if you just have an indoor container garden, you can do much to bring beauty and life into your home.

There are just a few key rules to great successful gardening.

1. Start with good soil. The way to tell if you have good soil is to take a handful of earth, spray it down with water just to moisten. If you can squeeze it and it holds together for a few seconds and then crumbles apart in small chunks, you probably have good soil. You can grow any ordinary plant in it. As for exotic plants, you need more information and should have the soil tested for ph balance.

2. Match the plant's needs to the growing conditions you have for it. A shade loving plant should be planted in a mostly shady spot. Don't ask it to be something it is not. When the plant tag says sunny conditions, that pretty much means 8 hours of sun per day. You might be able to stretch that an hour or two either way, but you won't get the best results.

3. Over and under watering are probably the most often applied killers of good healthy plants. Most garden plants need about one inch of water per week, unless the sun is really baking your soil, or if you are getting a lot of rain and don't have good drainage. Good drainage is soil that passes excess water through within a few hours. Sandy soil looses moisture right away and causes dried up roots. Clay soil retains moisture too long and causes root rot. The goal is to keep the roots moist but not soaking, and not totally dry either.

4. There are many types of gardens from colorful, to serenely green, to scent, to herbs and spices, to food, moon, and touch gardens. You can have water gardens, heightened gardens, rain gardens and more. Learn about the types of gardens and then choose which will go well in your location.

5. Make your garden only as big as you can comfortably handle. Don't keep planting until you cannot keep up with your garden and then allow it to go down. Then you will always feel like a successful gardener.

There are many good garden sites online. Your local plant sellers are a very good source as well.

Some of my favorites websites are;

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