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Here's my catch all page. Anything healthy goes here...I love to garden, eat, learn, paint, write lyrics, listen to music and read. I have a new site where I blog all about restaurants and dining and tips. Visit me at

Every year, I have a new color theme. Last year, I wanted to try out a lot of new plants, so I went with a Rainbow theme. Sure enough, I have yellow, red, and blue, white, lavendar, pink, orange and gold. I grew the zinnias from seed, and didn't know what colors I would see, but sure enough, they grew right into the color scheme wherever I planted the seedlings!

This year, 2008, I have Yellow, Orange, Pink and Light Pink Hibiscus with Coleus that are neon green, dark red and light red and neon vining plants that I will get the name of here shortly. With the many rain days we have had this spring season, these tropical hibiscus and all of my garden plants are doing very well. I am so pleased. I wish I could show it all here. Maybe I need another website just for my garden. :)

Let's start with some shots of my deck Garden of Eden. Growing in containers, there are Proven Winners; Intensia Neon Pink Phlox, Lemon Symphony Osteospermum, Snowstorm Giant Snowflake Sutera, Diamond Frost, Laguna Compact Blue with Eye Lobelia, Strawberry Drop Coleus, Cut and Come Again Zinnias. In my yard just beyond are Japanese White Lilac tree, White Lilac bush, Smoke Grace tree, Sparkleberry Winterberry bush and its mate, Southern Gentleman, Black Honey Locust tree and several Arbor Vitae trees. Don't forget the container grown Heavenly Blue Morning Glory at the very top of the page.

Plants you don't see are Honeysuckle Vine, Spearmint, Yellow Snapdragon Very Fragrant, and Single White Peonies. All that plus the oak hydrangeas, Henry Hudson and Apothecary rose bushes, the two Japanese Dogwood trees, a Goji Berry Bush, Yellow Daly Lilies, Purple Bearded Iris, and a Scotch Pine tree in my backyard, along with the several large evergreen and oak trees in my neighbors' yards, with so many layers of beauty, you might see why I call it the Garden of Eden.

There is also room for several more plantings, but I think I'll keep it open, clear and free for my collie to roam and run.

Year 2010

Lovely Shrub

Very Prolific

Stark Color Contrast

What a fantastic, albeit early spring. I have had container garden flowers out since the first week in May. The nights were warm enough, too. Now, it's the second week in June and we have gotten a goodly amount of rain and return to more seasonable temperatures the last ten days or so. I got a lot of lovely plants this year and I will list them here:

Food wise, we have Thai Basil which is delicious and strong in flavor and is a great grower, watercress, I can say the same about it and the spearmint which I love in my iced water and teas. Also a lovely pepper plant. I have given up on growing the tomato, or as the French call them, tomate. If it is a good year for them the stores have them in tons and if it isn't the one or two tomatoes I am going to harvest is hardly worth the water and effort.

As usual, I have a hard time sticking to one color or monochromatic theme, but I did stay within the green blue purple coral pink peachy area with white flowers to off set it all. White flowers are my favorite, for their soothing pure beauty. I added Bravo White petunias,and Riviera White lobelia to some Daddy Blue petunias and Matrix Deep Blue Blotch pansies, which are deeply adorable.I punched it up with Bells Rose snapdragon and Peach begonias. I put together a large batch of plants in a large bright dark blue container for the front steps with Baptisia Australia, aka false indigo, Riviera Marine Blue Lobelia, Coral Charm dianthus, Bridget Bloom Foamy Bells which is heucherella, A bluish purple geranium named Brookside, and two Proven Winners, Goldilocks, Creeping Jenny which I am using to drape over the side of the large container and is chartruse in color, and Infinity Blushing Lilac which is an impatiens hawkeri in a deep bluish pink.

Zinger says Hi!

White Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, Apothecary Rose

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Pink Phlox, Lobelia, Diamond Frost

Single White Peonies

Yellow Tropical Peony


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The one above is a true or false organic garden quiz.

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