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Welcome to Beautywood

Art, Photos, Poems, Surprises!

In 2007, I won several awards for my lyric writing. To see my banners, visit;

To order greeting cards, the paper card snail mailing type, see my sites,

I have a restaurant and day trip blog at

Be sure to visit this site that supports the art and craft work of disabled artists.

To view my art work:

Click on a thumbnail for larger picture, then click on Main Page in the left hand column to return to thumbnails.

All artwork is non toxic oil on canvas unless otherwise noted.

You are welcome to visit pages on digital artwork, photography, kid's crafts, gardening, and more as listed below.

Check out my restaurant blog which includes a bit on American Fine Dining, Hot Tips and more at

Bright Spencer, Artist, Lyricist, etc.

This is a digitally rendered painting. Very quickly done, no mess, no fuss, no bother. Add and subtract anytime...I like that.

New, All Digital, 2010

Here's a photo of my new bff, Angel... Angel lives at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN.

Angel, 2007

Angel, 2007

Here's my photo of Harriet. She's lost part of her left wing. She's an older lady, beautiful and strong. You might find her at the Eagle Center, too.

Harriet, 2008

Portrait Work

Work In Progress-Native American, Coastal Salish from an Edward S. Curtis Photograph, a work in the public domain. Here I am using the photograph as a reference and not as something by which to make a copy. Nothing could be better than this photo, but I do wish to hone my skill that I have let go for some 20 years now, and this is my first attempt to do that. It's fun to share.

Halfway Done

Still Needs Some Tweaking

Here's my first oil portrait ever, completed in 1979, no it's not the KFC colonel, it's a 90 something year old founder of the International Friendship Gardens Music Festival, Inc. in Michigan City, IN. See I volunteered my gardening services there on 130 acres for five seasons. What a lovely place and grand way to bring joy and beauty to the world!

Clarence Stauffer

Clarence Stauffer,Oil


River God, Digitized Photo, 1998

Collage One, Digitized Photo, 1999

Well of Desires, 1976

Cool Shake, 1998


Best Of Show, 1998 watercolor

Happy Life, 2002

Magnolia Grandiflora, 1999 detail

DREAMSCAPE- being prepared now.

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